KVBL4 Injuries
1122045Shoko Daniels Kings35Left knee infrapatella tendiniti
1122045Gerald Zampa Timberwolves8 Fractured left pinky
11102045Antoine McCants Hornets55Left knee infrapatella tendiniti
11102045Lou Alton Nash Clippers10 Right corneal abrasion
11102045Carl Black Bucks10 Sprained ankle
11112045Dino Doss SuperSonics15 Bilateral patella tendinitis
11112045Berkeley Selby Lakers3 Middle muscle back spasm
11122045Doc Sportello Bucks8 right thigh contusion
11142045Ivan Rodrigo Hawks4 Lower back pain
11162045Karl Washburn Clippers6 Sprained left great toe
11182045Arlas Sand Celtics4 Back spasms
11182045Moe Jackson Celtics3 Back spasms
11182045Clint Wagstaff Clippers1 Mild concussion
11192045Woodrow Andrews Warriors33 Right knee tendinitis
11212045Jackson Doyle Kings13 Patella tendinitis
11212045Jeremy Saxe Grizzlies3 Migraine
11232045Caro Matthews Nuggets4 Sore right ankle
11242045Anton Chigurh Kings3 Back spasms
11242045Skylar Smith Bucks4 Sore right knee
11242045Ryan Graves Clippers5 shoulder
11252045Cecel Abernathy Knicks4 Strained left groin
11252045Rod Bevis Raptors3 Strained left calf
11262045Daniel Kittles Hornets10 Sprained right ankle
11272045Vladimir Machowski 76ers3 Zygomatic bone in right side of
11272045Jeff Norton Rockets21 Knee
11282045Curt Armosin Raptors4 Right adductor strain
11292045Connor Ayr Lions15 Dislocated right thumb
11292045Aaron Albright Bucks4 Ingrown Toenail
11302045Jeremy Saxe Timberwolves4 deep left thigh contusion
11302045Jericho Eclipse Hawks3 Sore left knee
11302045Brian Bedlam Kings6 Lower abdominal strain
1232045Raffie Muniz Pacers4 Strained right hamstring
1262045Delonte Higgins Blazers3 Right knee contusion
1282045Theodore Joadson Thunder4 Sore right wrist
1292045Jackson Doyle Kings3 Lower back pain
1292045Grantas Masiulis Celtics17 Strained lower back
12132045Brian Fall Hawks4 bruised right forearm
12142045Montay Hanson Timberwolves4 Inflammation in left shoulder
12162045Chris Salgado Nuggets10 Sprained right ankle
12162045Darius Stone Cavaliers4 Knee
12172045Alvin Pangborn Jazz3 Migraine
12172045Jackson Doyle Kings4 Bruised left calf
12182045Christian Whipple Lakers10 Bruised right clavicle
12192045Eric Whitaker Knicks10 Right knee contusion
12202045Craig Jones Timberwolves4 Left calf strain
12212045Kareem Mercer Cavaliers8 Dislocated right thumb
12222045Ellis Redding Timberwolves4 Zygomatic bone in right side of
12232045Portis Gridley Timberwolves4 Headaches
12252045Delanie Watson Heat4 right thigh contusion
12262045Jeremy Saxe Timberwolves3 Left ankle sprain
12272045Kristian Jimenez Lions8 right thigh contusion
12292045Theodore Joadson Thunder4 Left shoulder bruise
12302045Samael Devine Kings51 Fractured right foot
112045Rolland Manbake Hawks35 Right knee tendinitis
112045Trev Jung Hawks4 Left calf strain
112045Lug Dolen Lions8 Bruised left calf
122045Roy Bingham Hawks4 Hyperextended elbow
132045Woodrow Andrews Warriors3 Broken Nose
142045Russell Redd Thunder3 Strained left calf
182045Rell Ballard Nets4 Migraine
182045Clarence Collins Nuggets3 Ankle
1102045Lamont Vincent Pacers12 Fractured left big toe
1122045Benjamin Stamp Kings5 sprained right hand
1132045Zavier Billings Bulls3 Right hip flexor
1132045Berkeley Selby Lakers6 Lower back pain
1132045Julian Giacometti Nuggets4 Strained right abductor
1162045Ladarius Cromwell Jazz3 Sprained right big toe
1172045Jim Nunn Timberwolves5 Mild concussion
1192045Russell Redd Thunder3 Concussion
1202045Clint Wagstaff Clippers8 Left ankle sprain
1232045Arlas Sand Warriors4 Strained left calf
1252045Gil Bartell Jazz3 Right shoulder contusion
1292045Corbin Paxton Thunder3 sore left big toe
1292045Grantas Masiulis Celtics6 Strained left calf
1302045Moe Jackson Celtics4 Sore left toe
242045Gerald Zampa Grizzlies4 Sprained left middle toe
242045Arturo Graves Hornets35 Right knee tendinitis
272045Carl Black Bucks35 Left knee inflammation
2132045Larry Jones Jr Lakers3 left hip contusion
2212045Elmer Creasy Pacers1 Bone bruise in right foot
2242045Raffie Muniz Pacers4 Ingrown Toenail
2252045Jaylen Willis Suns4 Sore right knee
2262045Freyr Dreyer Thunder33 hip pointer
2262045Russell Redd Thunder42 Tendinitis Rt. knee
2262045Charles Traughber Heat13 Right hip flexor
2262045Darnell Cage Suns3 Strained adductor
2272045Malcolm Markle Jazz4 Back spasms
2282045Connor Ayr Lions4 bruised right forearm
312045Paris Prince Thunder4 Left thumb
342045JP Matthews SuperSonics2 Hyperextended left pinky
352045Joseph Bowman Raptors8 Inflammation in left shoulder
362045Anthony Chavez Hawks15 Left foot inflammation
372045James Levinson Bulls2 Flu
392045Michael Sloan Hawks6 Right adductor strain